Recipe for Cherry Pinot Grigio Jam

July 17, 2012

Cherries always means summer, don’t they?   I think of American Flag cakes and trifles and Cherry Clafoutis all rolled into one.  Just this one time a year I make my Cherry Pinot Grigio Jam, and I have modifed the recipe for you here to make it a bit easier from the original I posted last year.  When the cherries are left in half-pieces, you need to add pectin to get this jam to gel–but the benefit is that you really “preserve” the cherries in large, yummy pieces.  I realize that making the pectin from Granny Smith apples is an extra step (extra work), and I set out to create one that will work without the added apple pectin.

I would love to know if you decide to make this!  Please leave a comment and let me know how it turns out for you.


Cherry Pinot Grigio Jam

Fresh Cherry Pinot Grigio Jam slathered on challah.


Cherry Pinot Grigio Jam

Breakfast on a Sunday morning, Challah with Cherry Pinot Grigio Jam.





Sweet Cherry Pinot Grigio Jam

June 27, 2010

What a fabulous summer bounty of cherries in the markets this year! I wanted to post my recipe for Cherry Pinot Grigio Jam. This recipe must be made in two stages, but it is oh so worth it! You must make Apple Jelly separately and this jelly can be used for many other recipes for fruit jams that need extra pectin to come together. Here is it for you, I have also posted this on and entered it into the weekly contest. I developed this recipe based on one by Christine Ferber, my idol.

Basic Granny Smith Apple Jelly Recipe
4 Pounds Granny Smith Apples (whole)
5 cups sugar
6 1/2 cups sugar
1 Juice of large Lemon

Method: Scrub the apples and cut the fruit into quarters leaving the skin intact. Place them into a large dutch oven and cover with the 6 1/2 cups of water. Bring this up to a slow boil and simmer on low for about 35 minutes (the apples should just be starting to fall apart). Get out a container and rest your chinois inside. Pour the apple mixture into the chiniois and use your wooden tool or the back of a spatula to press all the juice out of the mixture. You will then take this juice and strain it again. I use a smaller strainer and I take a wet piece of cheesecloth and pour the mixture through again–this ensures that the jelly will be clear. Now take 4 1/2 cups of this mixture and place it it your preserving pan–add the sugar and lemon. Bring this mixture up to a boil and continue to hold thre until your thermometer reaches 221. You can skim the mixture as you go. Once you reach 221, shut the fire and let it rest for 5 minutes. Go back now, turn the fire back up to reach 221 degrees. In my experience, this little rest ensures a good gel. Pour this mixture into 8 oz sterlized jars, seal and process in a water bath canner for 10 minutes. You should have six jars and you will be using one for the Cherry Pinot Grigio Recipe!

Cherry Pinot Grigio Jam
3 pounds Cherries, pitted and split in half
2 1/2 pounds sugar
1 lemon, both juice and zest
3/4 cups Pinot Grigio
Method: Place the 3 pounds of cherries into a non-reactive container, add sugar and lemon and cover and let this macerate overnight. The next day, pour out this mixture into your preserving pan and add 1/2 cup of the Pinot Grigio (you will use the last 1/4 cup at the end). Bring this mixture up to 219, stir all along the way to avoid sticking and burning. Once the mixture has reached 219, add the 8 oz jar of granny smith apple jelly to the pan. Stir and bring this mixture up to 221. Once the mixture is holding at 221/222, add the balance of the 1/4 cup of Pinot Grigio, this will naturally cut the foam and give the jam a fresh “winey” taste. Shut the fire, skim the balance of the foam off the top. Pour this into your sterlized jars and process in a hot water bath canner for 11 minutes. This jam is fabulous as a dessert topping, scone topping or bunged into a quick bread mix. You can also use it to top cheeses, as a glaze for pork–so many uses!