First Blush

June 17, 2010

I have sat for three days messing with the options for creating the blog, not being happy with it, asking why the hell I never know what I am doing and then worrying about what my first post was going to say. I thought about whether I was always going to be positive and upbeat, if I would bore everyone to death, if I was going to honest….. Oh my God. Then I realized that my approach to this blog is very much like my approach to life. I mean when I gave birth to my daughter, I just wanted to be able to practice first so that I would be “good” at it before I had to do it in the hospital. Mastery just feels so good. I always want to be the master. Why can’t I just love being akward? Now I worry about if this blog will be original, is anyone else doing the same thing, will I win an award–is my writing just crap. Any distraction that could possibly come into my mind to take my away from the computer is very attractive right now. The whole point for me is to document what I am going though as Wendy Sunchowder, start up company. Documenting my life after being downsized out of Corporate America. My fears, my exhuastion, my search. My vision for this blog is to create a network of sorts, give lots of laughs and create a neighborhood for small companies looking for inspiration, networking, and to know if they are “normal’.