Gluten Free Meyer Lemon Bars

February 23, 2014

Meyer Lemon Shortcake Dessert Bars

Meyer Lemon Shortcake Dessert Bars


 My gorgeous Meyer Lemon tree still has lemons left to harvest, and I could not resist giving this recipe a try.    I eliminated gluten from my diet about 8 months ago, and I have been finding my way.   I have been working very hard not to simply substitute gluten free goods for all of the delightful wheat products I enjoyed my whole life.  You see I really, really want this to become my lifestyle.   I feel better–my digestion is better, my moods are better, my cravings and sense of hunger have changed, all in a positive way.   It was a huge change for me, just to be willing to give this a try.  How could it be possible that the Staff of Life was making me ill?  How could it be that something so central to my diet, my entire life, something I probably at every other meal, how could it be wreaking havoc on my digestive system?    I just could not believe it, I love everything about wheat and I grew up on it, plain and simple.  But I began the journey, I try not to obsess about it,  I try not to talk about it…I love to fit in, it is just about my favorite thing fitting in.  It’s just never been in the cards for me 🙂 

Every few weeks I experiment with a recipe to see how it will work substituting the flours that “agree” with me.   I wanted to post this one up for you and if time allows, I will continue to post them up.  I hope you try this one.  Feel free to use glorious wheat flour as I am sure it will improve the taste and texture, but if you are watching like I am….this is a great alternative.

Adapted very slightly from the Joy of Baking





Meyer Lemon Bars

Meyer Lemon Bars


My beautiful tree holds fast to its lemons and lets me enjoy them in treats like these for several months past their season.




  1. These look divine, my mouth is watering! I’m interested in eating less wheat, less sugar too but that’s another story! Lovely pictures and I’m quite jealous of your lemon tree!

    Comment by Jayne — February 23, 2014

  2. Thanks Jayne, they were good :_)

    Comment by wendyread — February 23, 2014

  3. Good for you, gluten-free girl! I kind of got rid of the gluten in my diet just from trying to lose weight. It didn’t make me feel differently but I lost and kept off30 pounds.

    Comment by Lizthechef — February 23, 2014

  4. 30 pounds is fantastic Liz! Wowsa 🙂 My body is so special an so efficient–I believe I might have lost 3 or 4 pounds. But…huge difference in my digestive system, mental clarity, cravings, I’ll take it! I think I truly have to commit to exercising in order to have my body let go of this weight. I know that is what is next, another huge step for me. XX

    Comment by wendyread — February 23, 2014

  5. Lemon bars are one of my favorite desserts. As you know I don’t need GF, but it makes so much sense to me to balance my wheat out with other grains anyway. Thanks for a great recipe!!

    Comment by susan @ the wimpy vegetarian — July 19, 2014

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