Biscoff Brown Butter Pumpkin Bars

October 28, 2011


I adore Biscoff cookies and have been wanting to incorporate them into a recipe that also uses my products.  What could go better with Biscoff than Pumpkin I ask you?   It is my favorite time of the year here in Florida.  The humidty starts to lower and all the fabulous squash comes into season–much like Spring in the Northeast.  And on to the dessert!   Very yummy and quick to put together, it is both sloppy and gooey and wholesome all at the same time.  I hope you will enjoy this as much as my family does.   You can also find me sampling this to my customers at my market stand on Saturday mornings.

Apple Spiced Sour Cream Coffee Cake for R’ock-tober #baketogether

October 21, 2011

Apple Spiced Sour Cream Cake


I am so excited to be participating in my very first “Baketogether” with Abby Dodge for the very fun month of October.   We are taking her classic coffee cake recipe and changing it up.   I can’t wait to see all the variations that will be posted up with links in the comments section of her blog.  I have chosen to go with the season and used grated apples and boiled cider syrup to change mine up a bit.   It came out so moist and delectable.  As soon as I knew I had a good photograph, I completely lost control and scoffed it before I could even post this up.  As I sit here with my full belly, I still wish I could have enjoyed a piece with my lovely virtual friends today.  I dare not eat another slice when my family comes home!




Whole Grape Jam

October 14, 2011

Whole Grape Jam on Toast

I have always wanted to try to make grape jam, but the needs of my business have always taken a front row to lots of things I would like to try.   I love grapes, I get asked for grape jam probably once a week at my farm stand, so I scoured the internet to research and find some recipes I could work with.  My two favorites were from two women I really admire, one from @drwinne on her blog Healthy Green Kitchen and another from Kaela over at Local Kitchen.  I wanted to combine elements from both of these recipes and techniques.  I purchased seedless red table grapes and I was hoping the seeds did not provide all of the pectin I was going to need to make this recipe a success.  You will need a Vitamix or a very powerful blender to get the skins fine enough so that they just dance around your tongue when the jam is finished.  So…I can assure you this jam is easy to make, gels beautifully,  and tastes better than any storebought grape jam I have ever tasted!   Enjoy this 🙂




Trip to New Orleans for IFBC

October 9, 2011

Spiced Pecans

I visited New Orleans at the end of August to attend my first Food Bloggers Conference.   I want to write a separate post about my experience there, but I just had to post up my story first about a little shop called Leah’s Pralines .   There was much swag to be had at the conference, and Leah’s was good enough to provide us with Bacon Praline Brittle which were beautifully packaged and heaped up in mounds on the back tables in the room.   As a small business owner, I always appreciate and admire the companies that sponsor these events, not knowing if their “donation” will propel their business forward or how it can or will positively impact them.  It’s a brave thing for a small business to do and it always makes me shudder a little inside when I think of all of the donations I have made, never knowing if it will really do anything for my business–but I do it because it makes me feel good in the moment, and then I hope for the best.

On my last day in New Orleans, I made the time to go for a lovely walk and search out this store on Louis Street which was thankfully close to my hotel in the French Quarter.   I am so glad that I did!

Leah's Pralines

Rows and Rows of Pralines

The shop has rows and rows of lovely pralines…..and I just happened to come in when Kenny was making up some fresh Orange Spiced Pecans….which were Fabulous!    YUM!

Kenny Making the Spiced Pecans

Kenny Making the Spiced Pecans

The shop is quaint and old and I just loved the vibe.  It was quiet thankfully,  and I got to talk to Kenny and let him know that I made a special trip to his store just to let him know how much I appreciated the SWAG 🙂   We spoke about the conference and one thing led to the other….and I told him that I owned a Fresh Fruit Jam Company.   Our relationship was born…I promised to send him samples upon my return to Florida.    And the story has a happy ending!  Everyone loved the samples (including his MOM) and they will be carrying two of my spicy jams in the shop as soon as I can get them shipped.   So I am excited to tell you about Leah’s Pralines and really excited that we could connect and create some prosperity out of his willingness to be a sponsor.  I hope that when and if you travel to New Orleans, you will stop in, say hello to Kenny,  and enjoy the fabulous tastes and smells of a confection shop that has been in continuous business since 1944!  They are located across from Antoines at 714 St. Louis Street in the Historic French Quarter.

New Orleans

Beautiful Balcony on my walk in the French Quarter