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Sunchowder’s Emporia was founded by Wendy Read. She was born and grew up in New Jersey and her corporate IT job brought her to Longwood Florida in 1991. She always yearned to do something a bit more creative than engineering voice network capacity for a major telecom corporation, and thankfully she was freed from the bounds of corporate America in April of 2008!  She re-invented herself and pursued her passion.

She had always been drawn to cooking and baking, she collected hundreds of cookbooks over the years, and had dabbled a bit in jam making for a fundraiser she had done for her daughter Rachel a few years prior.  Armed with a fabulous collection of canning guides, she bought her first gorgeous copper jam pot in December of 2008 and the rest we shall say, is now history!  Bubbling and brewing and developing new flavors became her passion.

The company is based in Longwood, Florida.  All of her jams and fruit butters are processed in small batches, never using corn syrup, pectin, preservatives or colors.  These fruit and vegetable jams take longer to process than many store-bought jams as commercial pectin is not added to form the gel.  All the fruits and vegetables are cut and processed by hand using only fresh, quality ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible.  She uses French methods of jam making, such as allowing fruit to macerate overnight to coaxe out the luscious flavors of berries, stone fruits and vegetables.   The preseves have a pure, smooth texture and are deliciously different from the average jam.  Her hope is that Sunchowder’s Emporia  jams, spreads, chutneys and pickles will become pantry staples and wonderful time savers in your kitchen as they make fabulous glazes, dips and appetizers for mealtimes.  They can be added to quick breads and cookies for unique baked goods.

Wendy has been certified in Better Process Control by the University of California Davis.  All of her products are processed and tested according to the Florida Department of Agriculture and FDA guidelines for food safety.

True to the name Emporia, our company has continued to expand into a lifestyle brand.  We are so proud and excited to feature fair-trade,
sustainable and eco-friendly housewares, kitchen untensils, linens and all that can make your home a beautiful.


Wendy Read can be contacted at 407-718-8897 and can be reached via email at sunchowder@cfl.rr.com

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