Photo Shoot with Edible Orlando afternoon to remember

February 5, 2012

This past Sunday the weather was so perfect here in Winter Park, warm sun, slight breeze, perfect mid-70’s.    I had received an invitation to Pam Brandon’s home several weeks earlier to be a part of a photo shoot for the Spring Issue of Edible Orlando.  We were nominated for the best local artisan food find!!!  The winner’s have not been announced yet,  but we were so honored to be nominated and included in such a wonderful round up of hard working artisans.   I had been wanting to meet Tony of Big Wheel Provisions and there he was in the flesh, grilling up fabulous shrimp, onion greens and a lamb donated by Trish at Deep Creek Ranch.  He is so dedicated and passionate about what he does, and the food that he cooked was spectacular.

Tony Carving the Lamb


Pam (editor), Katie Farmand (editor)  and Kendra Lott  (Publisher) of Edible Orlando organized and put together this beautiful table and event!  Breadsticks and Boule were provided by Olde Hearth Bread Company.  Heirloom tomatoes were provided by  Melanie and Roger of Waterkist Farms, you can read a bit about them here: Waterkist Farms.  Melanie and Roger are my next door neighbors at the Winter Park Farmer’s Market, and it was such a pleasure to see them socially and so relaxed!!!   Raw Blue Cheese was provided by David and Dawn of  Winter Park Dairy.   Here is a picture of Dawn with one of her twin girls!


Dawn and onf of her beautiful twin Daughters

And, of course, Fresh fruit jams were provided by our company.  Here is a photo below of our Raspberry Pepper Jam and Florida Grape Tomato Jam paired with a slab of Raw Blue Cheese.


Raspberry Pepper and Florida Grape Tomato Jams paired with Blue Cheese


Again, my heartfelt thanks goes out to both Pam and her husband for opening up their gorgeous home to us and for the entire team for putting together such a beautiful event and afternoon.  I love feeling and being a part of this community.  Pam, her daughter Katie and Heather McPherson are currently working on publishing a Florida Farm to Table Cookbook that I can’t wait to purchase too!

  1. Sounds like you had a good time! I do hope you won – good luck!

    Comment by Jayne — February 5, 2012

  2. Thanks so much Jayne!!! I hit publish before I saved, gahhh!!! I just updated everthing again. Thanks so much for posting up a comment and hoping we win! X, Wendy

    Comment by Wendy Read — February 5, 2012

  3. So glad I finally found your blog – and, of course, you X0

    Comment by LiztheChef — February 6, 2012

  4. Thanks so much Liz!!! It was a great afternoon 🙂

    Comment by Wendy Read — February 9, 2012

  5. Whoops – add this too, please..

    Comment by LiztheChef — February 6, 2012

  6. Beautiful!!! I love your creativity.

    Comment by jamie petito — February 6, 2012

  7. Jamie, thanks so much for posting. The artistry is what keeps me going!

    Comment by Wendy Read — February 9, 2012

  8. Wendy, congrats! There are few things in life that feel better than getting the recognition for something you created:) I am keeping my fingers crossed!
    This looks like it was an amazing affair!
    When I was in Serbia this past summer, I experimented with making different jams and preserves, as my dad brought bushels and bushels of fresh fruit from his “ranch”. It is quite addictive and very satisfying. I just wish I could have brought more with me!

    Comment by Lana — February 8, 2012

  9. Lana, so nice to see you here. Thanks so much for taking the time to post, it does feel so great and the people I met were so lovely too.

    Comment by Wendy Read — February 9, 2012

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