Pumpkin Custard Upside Down Crisp

November 11, 2012

As we are getting closer to Thanksgiving, I wanted to post up a recipe for a simple and tasty dessert for your holiday table or to be enjoyed the morning after for a decadent breakfast treat!   This custard takes advantage of seasonal pumpkin and,  an added bonus, you don’t have to add any sugar to the custard!  One eight oz jar of my Pumpkin Butter (or Fruit Butter of your choice) is all that you need to sweeten this delightful dessert.  If you are lucky, all of the topping will sink through the custard so that you will have a delightful bottom of gooey oatmeal to enjoy with each bite!  If you look at my photos, you will see the lovely bottom layer all nice and browned 🙂  Simple and old-fashioned dessert reminds me of something my grandmother would have served–hope you love this recipe.


Pumpkin Custard Upside Down Crisp

  1. Oh this looks just delicious! Comfort food at its best! I love how the topping sinks. What good post Thanksgiving breakfast this would make!

    Comment by Jayne — November 11, 2012

  2. Thanks Jayne! I love this recipe too, and I am sure you could substitute with any fruit butter if you don’t care for pumpkin 🙂

    Comment by Wendy Read — November 11, 2012

  3. I want to make this right now and this is just after I did a big brunch party. Terrific new recipe for TG and all fall.

    Comment by LiztheChef — November 11, 2012

  4. Thanks so much Liz! Let me know if you make it, I would love your opinion 🙂

    Comment by Wendy Read — November 12, 2012

  5. This looks so good, Wendy, so good! I have only half a jar of your pumpkin butter in my fridge and I am wondering what I can get to replace the other half. I love pumpkin recipes but I love even more when I find out of the ordinary treats like this! Perfect!

    Comment by Jamie — November 12, 2012

  6. Thanks so much Jamie! I am sure you could subsitute with another fruit butter 🙂

    Comment by Wendy Read — November 12, 2012

  7. Ooh I love all custards and the other day I was thinking how I never had a pumpkin one. I bet I would love this though usually I avoid pumpkin desserts. It is truly inviting! 🙂

    Comment by foodwanderings — November 14, 2012

  8. I love this!! It’s dinnertime, I’m hungry, and really, really want a piece of this wonderful looking crisp. And what a really cool idea for pumpkin!

    Comment by Chez Suzanne / The Wimpy Vegetarian — November 16, 2012

  9. Just found you through Southern Living’s The Daily South. This recipe sounds amazing! All of you items sound great. Can’t wait to try some.

    Comment by Melissa @mypeachlife — November 25, 2012

  10. Hi Melissa! thank you so much and so glad we found each other 🙂

    Comment by Wendy Read — November 27, 2012

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