Spicy Cheddar Sables for #Baketogether with Abby Dodge

March 29, 2012

I was finally able to participate again this month with Abby Dodge for the monthly “Baketogether!    She has presented another fabulous recipe that turns a melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookie into an elegant, savory, and versatile sable.    I served these sables with grapes, sharp cheddar chunks, plum ginger apricot jam, and fresh brewed coffee for a mid-afternoon reprieve.   Abby serves these up with wine and cocktails!  I made just a few changes to the original recipe to change it up a bit, and I was very pleased with the results.    I just happen to be growing some Lemon Basil and thought that would be a great subsitution for the chopped fresh thyme in the original recipe.  I also subsituted Kerrygold Irish Cheddar for the classic Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.   I love the ease of this recipe and the results are stunning.  Once you taste these, you will never want to place a hunk of cheese on a store-bought cracker, I can tell you that!     Abby uses a classic technique called fraisage which calls for very little handling of the dough (to create those layers of melt-in-your-mouth greatness)  and then uses a simple dough scraper to shape the dough into a log for slicing after the dough is chilled.   For the original  recipe and Abby’s step by step instructional photos, please visit her blog here.

I invite everyone to visit Abby’s Blog.  She is a former pastry chef, she studied at La Varenne in Paris, has authored seven books…she is amazing and she inspires me to be better!   If you would like to join the Baketogether, please subscribe to Abby’s updates so that you can get yourself in the “know”.  You will get to join a friendly community of bakers and bloggers, and she makes it so easy to add your version and results to the roundup.   Below is the recipe,  and I have incorporated the small changes I made here in case you would like to try my version.  If you have never used this technique, please visit Abby’s blog page as she took the time to post up some great photos with a step by step instructional.

Sables with Lemon Basil

  1. What a lovely flavor combination. I love the Bake Together recipes. They never fail to please.

    Comment by Karen Harris — March 29, 2012

  2. Thanks so much Karen! Lovely to meet you here too and I do hear you are a friend of Barb’s, just love her!

    Comment by Wendy Read — March 30, 2012

  3. Not a baker, you inspire me to check out Abby’s site. Your photos are stunning! Miss you – X0

    Comment by LiztheChef — March 29, 2012

  4. Abby gives you such a great step-by-step, it is impossible to fail with her recipes. Baking is so much more of a science than cooking, I do agree 🙂 Treat yourself to an oven thermometer if you don’t already have one and you will be incredibly successful as a baker. I find that correct temperature is more than half the battle when it comes to disappointment with my baked goods.

    Comment by Wendy Read — March 30, 2012

  5. Don’t you just love these things…yours sound lovely. I have tried not to eat the whole thing but am down to my last couple. I’m sad. BTW; Karen Harris right there in the comments? She’s a great local friend of mine!

    Comment by Barbara | Creative Culinary — March 29, 2012

  6. I luuurrve these Sables Barb and I finishd mine up in two short days…thanks for the intro to Karen too!

    Comment by Wendy Read — March 30, 2012

  7. Lovely pictures!! These do sound delicious!

    Comment by Jayne — March 30, 2012

  8. Thank you sweet Jayne! Come and join this baketogether if your time allows 🙂 Would love to bake with you from afar….:)

    Comment by Wendy Read — March 30, 2012

  9. What a wonderful flavor combination. Baketogether is quite a lot of fun.

    Comment by Deb @ knitstamatic — March 31, 2012

  10. Thanks so much Deb!

    Comment by Wendy Read — April 6, 2012

  11. These look so wonderful, Wendy! I love your take on cheddar and lemon basil, and your photo is genuinely mouth-watering. I might just make these tomorrow for a little Easter dinner I’m having!

    Comment by Chez Suzanne / The Wimpy Vegetarian — April 7, 2012

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