Spring and My Favorite Banana Bread

March 23, 2012

And so it is Spring once more.   I went outside to pluck a lemon from my tree, and I found a beautiful nest with three precious eggs which will be hatched in the next week.  Momma Cardinal was off for a quick bite and soon enough returned to the nest after I photographed her perfect eggs.  The seasons tend to blurr here, as it is always green and full of flowers, but the birds always let me know that the weather will be changing and all will be renewed.

Here is a recipe for my favorite Banana Bread, the one that my Mom always made when I was growing up.   The only time this was made in my house was when we had to “use up” the overripe bananas,  and I have continued the tradition in my own family.  I don’t know where the recipe originated, if it was with my Mom or her Mom, or a magazine from long ago.  It is not overly sweet, but nice and moist from the addition of sour cream.   This is considered a quick bread because it uses the addition of baking powder and soda as opposed to yeast.   I baked mine in a 10 1/4 by 4 1/4 clay baker, but you can use the standard loaf pan and adjust the cooking time to 55 minutes.  This recipe can also be easily doubled.



  1. Love the recipe and story about your sweet Mom – but the biggest reaction is how terrific you are as a photographer! Got to keep posting, please!

    Comment by LiztheChef — March 23, 2012

  2. thank you so much Liz! I love taking pictures 🙂

    Comment by Wendy Read — March 25, 2012

  3. I love banana bread, bet the sour cream makes it nice and moist! That birds nest picture is gorgeous! What a spring treat to find!

    Comment by Jayne — March 25, 2012

  4. Thanks so much Jayne! I was just posting some love up on your Lemon Cheese 🙂 Too funny— I am so excited about having baby chicks!!! I keep checking, Momma is still sitting pretty, only a few more days I should think. I love banana bread too, this is a a great go to recipe, and the addition of sour cream makes it so yummy.

    Comment by Wendy Read — March 25, 2012

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