Whole Grape Jam

October 14, 2011

Whole Grape Jam on Toast

I have always wanted to try to make grape jam, but the needs of my business have always taken a front row to lots of things I would like to try.   I love grapes, I get asked for grape jam probably once a week at my farm stand, so I scoured the internet to research and find some recipes I could work with.  My two favorites were from two women I really admire, one from @drwinne on her blog Healthy Green Kitchen and another from Kaela over at Local Kitchen.  I wanted to combine elements from both of these recipes and techniques.  I purchased seedless red table grapes and I was hoping the seeds did not provide all of the pectin I was going to need to make this recipe a success.  You will need a Vitamix or a very powerful blender to get the skins fine enough so that they just dance around your tongue when the jam is finished.  So…I can assure you this jam is easy to make, gels beautifully,  and tastes better than any storebought grape jam I have ever tasted!   Enjoy this 🙂




  1. What a beautiful photo – I need an excuse for a new blender so maybe I will splurge. Your recipe looks perfectly clear to follow, as always. Thanks!

    Comment by LiztheChef — October 15, 2011

  2. Thank you so much Liz! I purchased mine at Costco, I use it for so many things, I grind my dried peppers, I make soup, you can make ice cream, I make smoothies–it was pricey, but it is a great machine. And thanks for admiring my photo too–I hope you get to make this jam 🙂

    Comment by Wendy — October 15, 2011

  3. This looks great and really easy! I made grape jelly a while ago- I had no idea what to do with all the skins etc so jelly seemed the easiest choice, but I love the idea of the skins dancing around my tongue! (will try this next year!)

    Comment by Jayne — October 15, 2011

  4. You are so cute Jayne! Yes, as long as the skins are sweet they are welcome to dance on my tongue 🙂 I can’ wait to hear what my customer’s think, I haven’t had a chance to label it yet for the market.

    Comment by Sunchowder - Wendy Read — October 16, 2011

  5. I see that Vitamix at Costco and keep on walking…now you are tempting me even more!

    This does sound perfect Wendy; I love the flavor of grape jelly but so prefer the texture of jam; here I would get both!

    Comment by Barbara | Creative Culinary — October 16, 2011

  6. Hey Barb! Yes, my Costco cart unfortunately veered off to that display where the nice gentlemen with the microphone so lovingly demonstrates how the Vitamix will rock your world. It was there during the demo for tortilla soup that I lost physical control of both of my arms and threw one in the cart! To be honest I never looked back…I really use it alot for the jam business, and I love grinding spices–it even came with a wheat grinder which I have not even used…it is sitting very lonely in its original box 🙁 But someday, I shall be inspired to grind my own flour from beautiful little wheatberries…..

    Comment by Sunchowder - Wendy Read — October 16, 2011

  7. Wendy, I grew up eating Grape Jelly and Jam yet haven’t eaten it in ages because it is not sold in France! I forget it exists except when I get back to Florida and see it on the grocery store shelf… yours looks absolutely perfect. Will I have the nerve to try making it?

    Comment by Jamie — October 18, 2011

  8. Yes, you must!!! As long as you have a really wide pan (like a preserving pan) and a powerful blender. If you don’t have a wide pan, I would suggest cutting the recipe in half so that it doesn’t get that “carmelly” taste from not using pectin. Go for it Jamie!!

    Comment by Wendy — October 18, 2011

  9. I tried this recipe because grapes were on sale at the grocery store and I wanted to try canning more kinds of things. So many recipes assume you’ve got concord grapes or other more sour grapes picked from one’s own vines (I wish! sigh… 😉 ). I looked hard for a recipe that incorporated the skins because I have preschooler and a baby and wasn’t sure how the extra step of straining the juice would work out with the extra helping hands. I don’t have a Vitamix, but I thinly sliced & minced the grapes – because I could stop and start that process as often as needed! It worked out wonderfully! I needed to cook the grapes a little longer before adding the other ingredients (until I thought it looked comparable to what might’ve been produced by a food processor), but the jam set and has a wonderful grape-y flavor.

    Verdict: A little too sweet for me, but since there’s more grape flavor, I’ll just use less. It was a very easy recipe too. YUM! Even my husband who hates grapes loves this! 😀

    Comment by Ellee — July 25, 2012

  10. So pleased you tried this recipe Ellee! Kaela’s recipe called for half of the amount of sugar that I used, I wonder if you would be happier decreasing the sugar next time. I also think it depends on the sweetness of your grapes. All the best and so pleased you tried the recipe!

    Comment by Wendy Read — August 26, 2012

  11. Just finished putting up a batch. Will see if it sets up by morning. The plate in the frezer tet didnt work well, but hoping. Not sure if the altitude here in Denver could be part of the problem. Tastes good, but very thin. Grapes are the type suggested from my vine in the yard. Only draw back I see it that it comes out as a nice brown color.

    Comment by larry — September 9, 2012

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